Professional Activities

  • Present2020

    Collaborated with colleagues from Cornell and Washington State University in the organization of a Member Symposium for the upcoming Entomological Society of America meeting (ESA) in Orlando, FL, USA. Title: Pathogen-mediated Ecological Interactions: From Microbes to Complex Ecosystems

  • Present2013

    Member of the “Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization”

  • Present2013

    Member of the “Iranian Society for Virology”

  • 2016, Aug.2016, Sep.

    Participated in the organization of Proceedings of 22nd Iranian Plant Protection Congress, Tehran, Iran

  • Present2017

    Journal reviewer in “Iranian Journal of Plant Protection Science” (IJPPS), Iran

  • 2018, Dec.2018, Jan.

    Completed training for technical manager position for greenhouses and plant protection clinics from “Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization of Iran”

  • 2019, Dec.2019, Jan.

    Abstract reviewer in 1st Iranian Plant Pathology Congress, Tehran, Iran.

  • Present2019

    Journal reviewer in “Food Chemistry” Journal